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An interactive painting that allows the viewer to play with the painting by searching for the hidden touch points embedded on the surface. Through electrostatic, the human touch initiates a prompt that launches an audio file. In this case, the audio is related to the body part touched. The audio chosen was a collaboration between a local vocalist and myself, but mostly inspired by and performed by Jeanette Robertson. It was only fitting a woman should have the majority of the influence and it be consensually acquired. A separate woman was payed for the pose. With the history of seckzual eckzplotation, this project was aimed to bring the fun of seckz back to all sides 

Touch the painting to eckzplore for the hidden spots

There are 7 spots total
(turn your 
phone sideways for a bigger play area) 

the original painting utilizes Bare Conductive paint & Touchboard technology to give you a real world eckzperience 

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