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Why? Why Not

A self taught artist, Michel Côté, lead imagineer at ECKZ studioz, has been showcasing art across western Canada for the better part of the last decade. Predominately with the art collective known as MINBID, which he cofounded, the Vignettes design series, where he is a two time best artist award winner and with commercial commissions.


The work spans many themes and mediums. Typically, the ideas tend to dictate the path necessary to make them come to life, and he does not shy away from whatever it takes to make an idea a reality. From painting, sculpture, collage, live creative performance to audio and electronic components, going through the process for self satisfaction and turning it around to help viewers eckzpand the potential of new perspectives on “the possible“ through visual arts has become one of the greatest and most fulfilling endeavours he has ever embarked on. Eckzploring the vastness of making something out of nothing can only embolden the strangeness amongst us.

Preface of 1855 edition of "leaves of Grass" by: Walt Whitman
musical arrangement & read by: Michel Côté

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