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The Era of Toast

August 2022

the "Era of Toast" is the continuation of the "Era of Chaos" series. Post pandemic, the natural evolution of this series lead us to the mantra "Once You Are Toast You Can Never Be Bread Again" taking over. We, as a society, went through an irreversible event that shaped and marked a generation. None of us will know the full eckztent of the implications that came from it and this leads us to the most intriguing part, the perspective skills we choose to adopt from here on out. Some may see the Toast as a finality, others as just another stage of eckzistence. A lot of our eckzperiences take on this kind of duality, seckz, food, ambition, hardships, love. An endless amount of our world teeter tooters on a window sill, some of us are looking in, some of us are looking out.  

Triple Eckz light demo

Mother Toast demo

Era of Toast Tour

Wet Paint

MINBID 2018-19

A show conceived in hopes to bring out the fun in everything and anything to do with the act as old as time. Our bodies, how we reproduce, seduce and reduce our most animalistic wants and pleasures in all the various shapes and forms nature has to offer.

At Eckz Studioz, we took the opportunity to venture into interactive work, analogue and tech based, and make folks touch the works and play with each other.

Era of Chaos

MINBID x Udell Galery 2019

This series was unveiled at a group show in conjuction with the Udell x Gallery. It was the introduction to world of the Agent of Chaos, a laissez Faîre Aristocrat that makes his way around the world spreading irreversibility in the form of self-serving eckztraction for his own eckztravagance. A ring for world history and the conflicts when have embarked on again and again. The victor get the belt, in this case the belt has a book so that "the winners can write history". ChinAfrica and the United States of Saudi Arabia, political commentary on where our global spheres of influences are converging the strongest. And lastly, The Empire State of Mind collage with Bombers, a collaboration with Darren Bolz. With an empire in decline, defence becomes its own noose, this collage goes through the history of the most dynamic empire the world has ever seen. 

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